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  • Leyla Svay

How Connecting Doors Reflect Book Harvest's Core Values

By Leyla Svay, External Relations Team Member

Alongside our growing team, our headquarters located at University Greene shopping mall on University Drive is expanding too. Originally occupying two spaces, we're adding a third unit to accommodate our rapid expansion both in and out of the office.

In early June, construction commenced on the new Book Harvest headquarters—a much-needed renovation that has implications not only on the growth of the organization but also on the unity of a community that has come together to make Book Harvest’s vision of literacy and justice for all a reality. 

One standout feature of our redesigned office is the addition of connecting doors between all three of our facilities, which will foster an environment of easier

access and mutual support among our team members. This detail strikes me as symbolic of Book Harvest's core values—a reminder that amidst our growth, our commitment to community and inclusion remains unwavering. Just as Book Harvest relies on our community's support to thrive, our internal cohesion underscores that every department and individual in our office plays a vital role in the collective success of achieving our mission.

And that’s not all! As our need for more work space increases, so too does our national reach. The newly renovated headquarters not only symbolizes our internal growth but also functions as a tangible representation of our evolution into a national organization. With many of our partnerships forming with educators and advocates nationwide, Book Harvest is positioned to bring our vision of literacy and justice to communities far beyond our beloved Durham roots.

This expansion is a testament to the dedication of our team and the support of our community, whose belief in our vision has propelled us forward. As we open our doors to a larger space, we also open doors to more opportunities for children and families across the country to access the transformative power of books.


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