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We're Expanding, Literally!

We are delighted to share another bit of news about our recent growth. As you may know, we have called Durham's Rockwood neighborhood home for many years -- primarily at 2501 University Drive: first with one unit, then with two.

Now we officially occupy all three middle units at 2501 University Drive!

The addition of the third space adds approximately 5300 square feet. This enables us to increase the size of our Family Space, enhance our volunteer and book sorting areas, create meeting rooms for our growing team, and build out a national headquarters where we can continue to achieve our vision of literacy and justice for ALL!

We have taken some time to envision how to best deploy this additional space in service to our hopes and dreams, and we will be building it out this summer thanks to the support of many Book Harvest friends.

We are absolutely thrilled to be calling Rockwood home for a nice long time!


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