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Our Mission

Books for every child.

Support for every parent.

Literacy for every community.

Our Vision

Literacy and justice for all.

Our Big Dream

One day, every child will grow up with a love of books, reading and learning, equipped with the language and literacy tools to thrive in school, work, and life.


Our Values

Our core values have shaped Book Harvest since inception and are the foundation upon which the organization’s mission, vision, strategies, and tactics are built.

All children have the right to own books from birth.

Books are essential to the well-being and healthy development of children. Books, readily available and in abundance, are vital to school readiness, academic success, and lifelong learning.

Our Guiding Principles

Book Harvest is an organization that aspires to rewrite literacy experiences and outcomes, ensuring that all children can feast at the table of words and vocabulary from birth; we believe this is a necessary precondition for flourishing.

In doing this work, our team is guided by these unwavering internal principles.

We are passionate about helping children and families have what they need to thrive.

We are mission driven.

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