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Literacy is among the greatest civil rights issues of our time. Book Harvest believes that growing up with an abundance of books is every child’s birthright, and that solving any challenge our society faces begins with a foundation of literacy. We are dedicated to realizing a world in which all children and families flourish – with access to the tools, resources, and supports that optimize their literacy. We aim to deepen our impact across North Carolina and the country by expanding our programs and advocating for improved policies that support literacy and justice for all – beginning at birth.

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Expanding our Impact

We believe Book Harvest will have a greater impact if we can reach more families and communities with our evidence-informed programs, and influence all of the environments that shape the lives of young children. This includes children’s  social environment (e.g., relationships, cultural traditions), natural and built environments (e.g., access to books in the community), and broader systemic influences that impact children’s literacy such as public policies, racism, structural inequities, and intergenerational poverty. (Harvard University)

"Once you learn to read you will be forever free."

Frederick Douglass


Advancing Literacy and Justice for All

Advocating for policies and systems that promote children’s literacy from birth is long-term, collective work. Book Harvest stands alongside other key stakeholders in this work – children and families, community leaders, regional and national decision makers – as an active and engaged advocate, thought partner, and policy influencer. 

Together, we can ensure that one day, every child will grow up with a love of books, reading and learning, equipped with the language and literacy tools to thrive in school, work, and life.

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Join us

  • Are you a youth, parent, educator, or community member who wants to share your story and use your voice to support children’s literacy? Contact us about opportunities.

  • Become more informed about issues and policies that impact children and families. There are many great resources, such as EdNC in North Carolina. 

  • Learn more about candidates for this year’s elections and their commitment to children and families. Make a plan to vote

For more information, contact Mary Mathew, Director of Advocacy at

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Books Pertaining to Advocacy

  • The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet, by Carmen Agra Deedy and Eugene Yelchin

  • Citizen Baby: My Vote, by Megan E. Bryant and Micah Player 

  • A is for Activist, by Innosanto Nagara

  • Sofia Valdez Future Prez, by Andrea Beaty and David Roberts

  • March by Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell.

Book Harvest’s Advocacy in Action

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