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Winning the future for our kids is within reach

By Ginger Young, April 18, 2021 | Featured by EdNC

I woke up on a recent morning to my usual routine: a cup of coffee and a perusal of Heather Cox Richardson’s daily reflections on the state of the world, delivered to my inbox each night while I sleep as part of her “Letters from an American” series.

And, boy, did she nail it that day – with an observation that has been front of mind for me for the past two weeks:

“Biden and Harris are recentering American society on children and on their mothers, giving mothers the power to support their children regardless of their marital status. Theirs is a profound reworking of American society, much more in keeping with what has always been our reality despite our mythological focus on an independent man and his family.

These are challenging times indeed. The ongoing trauma we’re suffering in the midst of a global pandemic; the economic hardships that confront so many; the racist police brutality that we continue to witness; subversive attacks on voting rights: these are each newsworthy, attention-deserving, riveting issues of the moment.

But, folks: Alongside these troubling events of the day, there is a quiet and historic revolution happening across our country. Let us stand up together and take notice.



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