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Celebrating 100 Babies Enrolled in the Book Babies Class of 2028!

We are overjoyed to share the news that our Book Babies program recently reached a significant milestone — 100 babies have been enrolled by their families in the class of 2028, making it the largest class since the program began in 2013!

Book Babies is a partnership between parents, caregivers, and their little ones, starting from the day a baby is born and continuing through their formative years until they are five years old. It's about building strong relationships and providing families with the tools they need to lay a solid foundation for their children's school readiness and future success.

Early literacy is a precious gift that lasts a lifetime, and Book Babies is here to ensure every child has the opportunity to unwrap it.

The Book Babies Experience

Book Babies isn't your average literacy program—it's an evidence-informed literacy coaching partnership that's been making a difference since its launch in Durham County in 2013. For parents and their little ones, Book Babies offers a host of invaluable resources and experiences:

1. Quarterly Literacy Coaching Visits: Over the course of five years starting at birth, families enrolled in Book Babies receive individualized, literacy coaching sessions throughout each year. When a child reaches two-and-a-half, families receive literacy kits that further the development of dialogic reading, phonemic awareness, and emergent writing.

2. 100+ Age-Appropriate Books: Book Babies ensures that each child has access to a growing library of age-appropriate and language-appropriate books, igniting a lifelong passion for reading.

3. Support Beyond the Program: Book Babies guides families through Pre-K and kindergarten enrollment, provides a college/career savings account for the child's future (Bright Futures), and connects parents with a like-minded community of fellow learners.

Each Book Baby is a testament to the dedication of parents and caregivers who understand the profound impact early literacy can have on a child's cognitive and emotional development.

To our newest members of the Book Babies Class of 2028, welcome! Your adventure through the world of books and learning has only just begun, and we are honored to witness your growth, your curiosity, and your boundless enthusiasm for exploring the pages of the world.

As we celebrate this remarkable milestone, we also look forward to the next 100+ babies who will join our Book Babies family!



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