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Early Literacy System of Care

Book Harvest believes that literacy is one of the greatest civil rights issues of our time. We are dedicated to realizing a world in which all children and families flourish – with access to tools, resources, and supports that optimize their literacy. The Early Literacy System of Care delivers literacy equity through a unique continuum of four evidence-informed, parent-powered programs that ensure that literacy is nurtured for every child, from birth and over the first decade of life.


Books from Birth


Collaborating with health systems and pediatric practices to send every newborn home with a starter home library of 10 brand new board books and resources.

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Book Babies

Ages 0-5

Partnering with families from the moment their baby is born and for five full years through kindergarten, providing literacy coaching, age- and language-appropriate books, and an abundance of additional supports.

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Bridge to School

Ages 4-5

Working with families of children entering Pre-K and/or kindergarten to navigate application and enrollment so that the transition to formal education settings is seamless and successful for child and parent.

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Books on Break

Ages 5-10

Collaborating with school districts and organizations to sustain reading skills over the summer by offering students the opportunity to select 10 free books to take home and keep forever right before summer break.

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