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"When I'm bored I read books"

We couldn't resist sharing:

"Book Harvest thank you so much you give me more books to read for free, which is so awesome. When I'm bored I read books. It's my favorite hobby! Plus you don't have to buy them or return them. Thank goodness for Book Harvest"

We received this note from a young Durham Public Schools student after her recent participation in Books on Break.

Book Harvest's 2024 Books on Break program provided 12,347 students with 101,340 books in 37 public elementary schools and childcare centers. Books on Break ran from May 2 through May 31.

Students selected brand new books from a wide array of diverse and high-interest titles in both English and Spanish. Books on Break is a joyful, exciting way to help students build their home libraries and equip students with high-interest books to help them practice reading all summer long. 


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