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We've Partnered with Target Circle! 🎯

HUGE announcement - we’re participating in the Target Circle program! Between now and March 31st, you can vote for us and help direct Target’s giving to benefit Book Harvest. Earning votes is as simple as going on a Target run! Cast all of your votes for us, or spread the love to other participating local charities. At the end of the voting cycle each nonprofit will be awarded a share of the funds raised. For full program details and restrictions visit Target Circle.

Here’s how to place a vote for Book Harvest in the Target app:

Step 1: Choose “My Target” in the Target

Step 2: Tap on “Target Circle™”

Step 3: Select “Vote for nonprofits”

Step 4: Find Book Harvest & vote!

Thank you for your continuous support of the Book Harvest mission - happy shopping!


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