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Volunteering: A Note from the Aussies

August 10, 2023 | By Lyn Rankine, Guest Blogger and Volunteer from Australia

The best things in life are free!

Who wants to work on Mondays? No one. So the best thing to do is to volunteer on

Mondays (or any other day that you don’t want to work).

You are your own boss because you can walk out anytime. You meet some great people because the jobs you do are usually the jobs they don’t want to do so they are very grateful. You get a lunch break whenever you like; for as long as you like.

When we volunteered this week at Book Harvest we were helping a family, a child and perhaps that child’s future just from the investment of our time. We were a small link in the chain, helping educate families of the importance of literacy in their homes. We loved it. To buy something, you receive but to give something, is from the heart and fills it up.

Our hearts were full this week just because we volunteered. We hope you might like to join the team one day too! It’s free!

From, the Aussies


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