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Thank you.

Tyler Cumberlander, ’13, member of Duke Community Leadership Project team

The Duke Community Leadership Project Team has just concluded the semester-long partnership with Book Harvest. It has been an enriching experience and we are excited for the future opportunities we have presented to the organization. We were unsure of what to expect at the start, but defined and refined our short-term and long-term goals to further develop Book Harvest. 

In the beginning of the school semester, I was unsure of what organization I wanted to partner with. After reading through the missions and goals of a handful of nonprofits in the area, I ranked Book Harvest as my number one choice because my values aligned with its mission. I knew I wanted my work to not only make a powerful impact on someone’s life, but a lasting impact as well. As a child, one of my most distinct memories was being given my very own book shelf. It was relatively small, but it was perfect for me. I want other children to experience the joy I had as a child with books that took me into fantasy worlds and adventurous dreams. 

I can’t recall all that many book titles, but I can remember sitting down and reading them—to me, those memories count. I can, however, remember a handful of my favorites… the Berenstain Bears books, all of the Dr. Seuss books, and the Magic Tree House series—the series that may have had the most impact on my imagination as a young boy. I remember I was happy with my books; they brought me a lot of joy. It saddens me to think that children are missing out on such opportunities. This recollection is what sparked my interest in working with Book Harvest. Truly believing in the mission can bring sincere passion to any job. Sincere passion results in progress. Book Harvest truly believes in the reasons to provide children with books. This is why the organization will continue to grow and why investing with Book Harvest is worth your while. It has been an absolute pleasure partnering with Book Harvest this semester.


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