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Capturing Dreams: Inspiring Moments at the Dream Big Event Through Instax Cameras

July 26, 2023 | By Kaitlyn Chicas, Book Harvest Communications Intern

After some weeks into my summer internship with Book Harvest, I decided to cover a component of the 2023 Dream Big Book Drive and Community Celebration, as it deserves the spotlight: a pile of photos. During the 2023 Dream Big event, Book Harvest provided children with instax mini cameras to capture an object or

someone who inspires them to dream big. Within the 2×3 white border of the prints, one could not ignore the smiling faces, the large piles of books, and the numerous compelling objects that represented ambitious dreams. Each pixel of colors captures the loving energy the child believed needed to be shared—hoping that others would notice that fear is an understatement when support manifests the dedication to dream. Today is the last day of my internship, and I wanted to take the time to highlight the significance of these images and how Book Harvest supports and urges them to dream big.

Amidst the vibrant yet cold atmosphere of the event, a vast collection of books and a variety of fun activities emerged, all of which commemorated the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.’s teachings. It was a day of unity as everyone was encouraged to dream big and celebrate one another’s aspirations. It was an unforgettable day, so why not encapsulate it in a 2×3 frame?

Armed with instax mini cameras, the children embarked on a captivating adventure, seeking out objects and individuals who personified their aspirations. With every click of the shutter, dreams were immortalized on the glossy surface of the instax film. This activity became another gateway to extraordinary worlds of inspiration, a viewpoint that ensures their capabilities are limitless. Without this opportunity and Book Harvest, we would not witness these children envision their greatness in a single photo. They have every right to dream or feel inspired to achieve whatever their heart desires, and Book Harvest is here to ensure they receive that. For the many years that come, I hope that Book Harvest continues to cultivate a space for these young dreamers to feel empowered to shape a brighter future for themselves.

As I observed each of the prints, I couldn’t help but have a cheesy smile. I sensed their excitement and resilience as they wanted to show the world what and who inspires them. It also felt like an encouragement to cherish the moments that led us to the proudest and happiest parts of our lives—which I might do sooner than later.

Ultimately, these photos hold outspoken gratitude and an everlasting image of support or inspiration that is memorable. Through the lenses of the cameras, the many smiling faces and the diverse number of books that inspire these children deserve to be seen and appreciated by everyone. They serve as a motive to dream big – regardless of one’s age. Thus, we invite you to be part of this notable movement of dreaming big. We ask you to share the beloved object or people that ignites your imagination and pushes you to reach for the stars.

Please send your captivating pictures to, with a description of these image(s) that inspire you to dream big. Dreams are boundless and unlock our greatest potentials, so let’s share the world our greatest aspirations.


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