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Books Make Everything Better

July 7, 2022

Book Harvest’s ‘Book Access Hubs’ are popping up more and more around Durham as businesses fully reopen and allow for our bookshelves to be set up. Our Book Access Hubs include doctor’s offices, daycare centers, social services, laundromats, and more! They are filled with high-interest, culturally inclusive books for children to take home and keep forever.

Mary’s son at Duke, pleasantly distracted by books!

A local mom recently took one of her children to get Duke to get his COVID vaccine, and was delighted to see a Book Harvest bookshelf at the doctor’s office! She sent us the message below:

“I took my youngest to Duke for his long awaited COVID shot. I was solo with him and his newborn brother, as my two big kids were in camp. I was a bit anxious because the older siblings usually help distract him and keep him calm when he has to get shots. When we walked upstairs to the waiting room he immediately found the new Book Harvest shelf and his eyes lit up. What a treat for all! He squealed in delight.

He happily read as we waited and was thrilled that he got to take the book back with him for the shot and then home (what could get better than that?!?). How nice it was to not have a power struggle about returning the book. Thank you all for the continued efforts you put out into the community to make Durham a better place. As a former kindergarten teacher I can’t tell you how it warms my heart and soul. Job well done friends!

Honestly it went 💯 better than I ever anticipated, but it was TRULY because of the books! There is something about walking into a room with a shelf of new magical books waiting for you that can just totally shift your day. Even as an adult I feel that way when I get to open a brand new book. My heart skipped a beat with his when we saw them…” – Mary

Our Book Access Hubs are listed here, and you’re always welcome to stop by the Book Harvest office located at 2501 University Drive in Durham.

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