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Gisela Mora Hernandez

Bridge to School Coordinator
Start Date: August 2023

In her role as Bridge to School Coordinator, Gisela supports Durham families throughout the process of transitioning their children to school. She builds authentic partnerships with parents, caregivers, service providers, school representatives, and other community members via outreach and events, and provides an abundance of resources to support a smooth transition from home to school.

Gisela previously worked at Yanez Immigration Law, where she managed upwards of 30 cases, conducted investigative work, and guided families through the legal process. Working in organizations that improve public health outcomes for families and children is not new to her; she's worked as a research assistant at Child Care Services Association and coordinated patient care at Carrboro Community Health Center, where she also provided Spanish interpretation and translation services to families.

Gisela is also a certified suicide prevention gatekeeper and children's yoga instructor. Her passion for education, creativity, and culture stems from her understanding that re-creating systems to ensure that they are rooted in love, integrate joy, and celebrate all walks of life is fundamental to developing a sense of wholeness and fulfillment for all members of our community.
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