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Charlia Vance

Senior Finance Manager
Start Date: January 2016

Role at Book Harvest: Charlia oversees the strategic direction and implementation of our recruitment and sustainability of staff, HR Practices and policies, and oversight of our accounting systems and records.

Favorite Children’s Book Right Now: “Julián Is a Mermaid” by Jessica Love, author and illustrator

Likes & Loves: Charlia enjoys hiking with her spouse and two dogs. She loves hosting game nights with friends, which always includes delicious potluck meals. Gardening and tending the chickens is another enjoyable pastime.

Where she studied: Bachelor of Arts in Child and Family Studies from Berea College

Experience: 7 years of nonprofit experience, 23 years in retail business management

What she’s hopeful for: Her hope for the future is that we all act in solidarity for justice, equity, and equal opportunities for all people.
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