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Alison Westbrook

Director of Talent and Culture
Start Date: September 2022

Alison S. Westbrook is a dynamic HR leader with a unique background in intercultural experiential education. She has designed and led a variety of leadership programs over the past 15 years. As Director of Talent and Culture at Book Harvest, Alison facilitates the employment lifecycle from start to finish, delivers HR expertise to organizational change initiatives, and champions a joyful and equitable workplace. She brings a focus on culturally competent talent development, having facilitated leadership programming for young professionals from diverse backgrounds in a variety of cultural contexts.

Alison is a lifelong language lover, with a BA in Linguistics and having studied more than a half dozen languages (most recently, ASL). In addition to culture, language, and leadership, Alison is passionate about nature and food. She’s a founding member of her local community garden and, together with her partner, is a full-time vendor at the Durham Farmers’ Market. She considers her favorite children’s book, The Other Way to Listen by Byrd Baylor and Peter Parnall, a valuable reminder of the importance of quiet. She’s hopeful for a future in which all children are supported in fostering a collaborative mindset and a lasting connection with the natural world.
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