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You Showed Up: Dream Big 2022

By Benay Hicks January 20, 2022

Ten years of holding the Dream Big Book Drive & Community Celebration, and not one had snow on the ground. Until now.

As our team studied the weather forecast and saw that it would be clear and “warm” (above freezing) by 1 PM on Monday, January 17, we decided to move forward with the 11th Annual Dream Big Book Drive. Slush, wind, and all.

We didn’t know what to expect, but we should have: our beautiful community showed up. Over 400 of you braved the cold and came to the event; some donated money from home; others ran virtual book drives while it was happening; and dozens of you messaged us with promises that you’d be bringing books to donate later in the week.

In one way or another, YOU showed up. And we are forever grateful.

Despite the weather, we received almost 10,000 books in just three hours on Monday, and our current 2022 Dream Big Book Drive tally is 32,991 books…but we’re still counting! All books donated through January 31 are included in our final Dream Big number. You can place them in our donation bins outside Book Harvest at 2501 University Drive in Durham. The bins are outdoors and available 24/7!

We want to extend a massive thank you to the many volunteers, sponsors, staff, and community members who helped make Dream Big 2022 possible! A special shout-out to the Dream Big Event Planning Committee: Ann Leininger, Sarah Van Name, Yolanda Grant, Andrea Griffith-Cash, Liz Jazinski, Lori Nofziger, Ben Kimmel, Caitlyn Bergmann, and Isabel Geffner.

Photos of the event are below.

Photos were taken by volunteer photographers, Sybil Robb and Leith Rankine, along with Book Harvest staff.

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