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Words to Live By: Julius Faison

Words to Live By features exclusive interviews with authors, artists, and community members.

February 1, 2022

Julius Faison

Julius Faison is a 12 year old author who currently attends Durham Nativity School and lives in Durham, North Carolina. During the pandemic, Julius wrote a book called Jewels and Stella: The Secret, a book about a 6th grade superhero who has to defend the world from aliens and monsters! He was featured in Upworthy, Spectacular Magazine, and on

What kind of books are on your bookshelf at home?

Percy Jackson series, Tristan Strong, Amari, Narnia series & Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Do you have a favorite book?

Yes, Percy Jackson, The Blood of Olympus

Do you prefer to read aloud or silently to yourself?


What is your favorite place to read?

In my bed under the covers at night.

What inspired you to write your own book?

My parents and Rick Riordan.

If you could have dinner with three authors from any period in time, who would you pick?

Rick Riordan, Kwame Mbalia, and B.B. Alston

Master Wu – image from

What are you reading currently?

Chew on This, in school. It is about nutrition and eating healthy.

Do you have a favorite quote from your book or someone else’s? If so, what is it?

“Never put off tomorrow, what can be done today.” Master Wu from Lego Ninjago

Thank you to Julius and his mom for taking the time to thoughtfully answer our questions! You can purchase Jewels and Stella: The Secret here.


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