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Welcoming Caitlyn!

Editor’s note: Last week, we welcomed Caitlyn Bergmann to our staff team as our new Operations Coordinator. We asked her to introduce herself and share a little bit about why she’s excited to join our team.

After finishing my first week as an official member of the Book Harvest team, thankful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel. In just one week, I was inspired, motivated, humbled, and overwhelmed with gratitude. Being able to serve children and families in my new home and share my deep love of reading is an incredible honor and important responsibility that fuels my purpose each day.

Before moving to Durham, I was living in Charlotte, North Carolina and working with a literacy nonprofit called Promising Pages. It was actually through my work with Promising Pages that I learned of Book Harvest! My journey with Promising Pages began while I was completing my undergraduate degree in Communication Studies at UNC Charlotte. Launching my career in Charlotte was eye-opening and life-changing as I learned of the challenges facing children and families and the small part I could play in rewriting that narrative.

As I embark on this new chapter, I am excited and optimistic about what’s in store for me here at Book Harvest. In my new role as the Operations Coordinator, I’m your girl for volunteer inquiries, book drives, book donations, and book requests. Whether you’ve been involved with Book Harvest from the very beginning or you’re new like me, I look forward to working alongside you. Together, we can ensure that each child in our community has a home library filled with their favorite books and an undeniable love of reading.


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