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Virtual Home Visits?

Although our Book Babies team can’t visit families in person right now, that doesn’t mean they’re not keeping in touch! Shares home visitor Victoria Arrivallaga, “Virtual home visits are definitely a good tool to keep working on our Book Babies goals in this pandemic situation. At this moment we are in the process of learning the new circumstances that families are going through and the best way to contact them.”

These stay-at-home days are complicated for many families, who may be lacking childcare; balancing work and teaching their children; and dealing with stressors like job loss, illness, and uncertainty. Not only are books an important reading teaching tool, of course, they’re also a great escape, an excuse to giggle and snuggle, an element of normalcy and routine, and now — with virtual home visits — an opportunity to connect with a trusted partner and friend, a Book Babies home visitor.

“I have absolutely loved doing virtual visits!” shares home visitor Kenitra Williams. “It has been a wonderful opportunity to see families during this time of staying at home. I have continued to be able to check in with caregivers to talk about how reading is going and discuss possible solutions to any reading struggles that they may have. I think caregivers have enjoyed sharing the milestones their children have reached and knowing that they have someone to brainstorm with them possible solutions to problems and to share ideas. The children enjoy participating in the call and some are excited that I have some of the same books they do. For that 30-45 minutes, I think all of us appreciate the opportunity to focus on their child and reading, a break from the craziness that is the rest of the world right now.”


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