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Transformational Ripples

Campaign for Grade-Level Reading Managing Director Ralph Smith visited Book Harvest last Friday, June 14, for a heart-to-heart with our team and with a parent leader about how our work is going. While our team members shared stories from their work, Ralph shared ways that campaign communities across the country are thinking creatively about some of the same goals we are: specifically, how to support and encourage the transformational ripple effects of communities like the one that has grown up among Book Babies parents. We all agreed: often, the ripple effects of the relationships between and among families as well as between our team members and families are very difficult to capture with traditional evaluation methods. And those effects may well be the most important and transformational result of our work to equip all parents to help their children succeed.

It was an encouraging, exciting conversation, and we all left inspired to continue the work of partnering with parents and communities to change outcomes for our kids!

We were delighted that Ralph joined us for a visit at the laundromat for

Ralph just participated in a podcast with Chelsea Clinton, Clinton Foundation Vice Chair, and Dr. Susan Neuman, New York University Professor of Childhood and Literacy Education, to share stories and strategies on how to help every child reach their full potential (including a highlight on laundromats!). Listen to their fascinating conversation here.


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