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The Ingredients for a Celebration

What do you get when you combine 40 families (with about 150 people total!); seven North Carolina Symphony volunteers; a bass, trumpets, violins, and other instruments; lots of food; and holiday-themed crafts, all in the beautifully refurbished W.G. Pearson Center? You get a CELEBRATION…a Book Babies celebration, to be precise!

Every December, the Book Babies team invites all our enrolled families to come together for a celebration. For the first time this year, we had Book Babies graduates to invite as well — and eight of them brought their families and joined the party! This was also our first event at our new second home, The W.G. Pearson Center, so it was the first chance for many of our families to check out our new space. Children were treated to a performance by the symphony volunteers and then had the opportunity to explore the instruments up close and personal, and everyone had a chance to enjoy a delicious brunch and spend time visiting with friends. And of course, there were plenty of books!

Book Babies Team Leader Meytal Barak explained why our staff and families all look forward to this event so eagerly every year. “This is a unique event for families to build relationships and enjoy each other’s company. We love seeing our children growing up together from birth, celebrating surrounded by books and a community that loves and supports them.”


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