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The Final Countdown!

As you can probably guess from that really big number to the right, this will be our LAST countdown update before we give away our ONE MILLIONTH BOOK!

When the moment happens, which we can now promise you will be early next week, you aren’t going to want to miss it. We want you to SEE the moment along with us — and if you’re following us on social media or via email, you will! If you’re not following yet, here’s how you can be among the first to celebrate with us:

  1. Sign up for our email newsletter, and get the news delivered directly to your inbox!

  2. Get your first glimpse of our milestone moment on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

  3. Check back right here on our website!

Of course, we want your help celebrating this milestone. This is our WHOLE Book Harvest family’s big news to share, and YOU are part of that family! How do you share important news with your family? Forwarding emails? Tagging or reposting on social media? By phone call or text? Please help us share this moment with the whole world by sharing with your world. Are you ready? 


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