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Summer Book Drives

June 23, 2022 | Benay Hicks

Book Harvest’s Dream Big Book Drive in December/January is well known for being the biggest children’s book drive of the year, with dozens of you working to collect thousands and thousands of books on our behalf. While Dream Big season is certainly monumental, Book Harvest needs books all year round! Here are some ideas for summer book drives — big and small:

> Is your child rising to the next grade in the fall? Have they outgrown some of their children’s books? Get them excited for the year ahead by cleaning off their bookshelves and bringing them to Book Harvest at 2501 University Drive in Durham. You can even replace the donated books with new ones from our outdoor bookshelves!

> Celebrate freedom and literacy by collecting books at your Fourth of July party! Simply ask attendees to bring a children’s book, then take a photo of the donation in honor of the day.

> Host a lemonade stand with your kid(s), and request children’s books instead of cash. Bring those books to Book Harvest and snap a photo then send it to so we can share your child’s amazing work!

> Is there a summer birthday in your family? Request children’s books instead of gifts. You can share our wishlists (local options and Amazon) so people can pick out their favorites and purchase them new. Friends and family can contribute from anywhere in the world!

> Throw a back to school party with your family in August and collect children’s books to celebrate education and literacy. A perfect way to get children excited for reading and start the school year with a positive mindset!

If you’re looking for inspiration, you can read about the Johnson Family who made it a family project last year, and our friend Hendrix who has an annual book drive for his birthday.

Resources for your drive can be found here, and include a toolkit, graphics, and signs to print.

Thank you for supporting Book Harvest’s goal of providing books for every child!

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