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Preschool Tips

August 5, 2021

Today’s blog post was creating using materials from Talking is Teaching, a campaign of Too Small to Fail.

Do you know a young child starting preschool? Below is a checklist of simple, yet significant, ways you can interact with them as they begin the transition. You can download a PDF of this list, plus a list of suggested books and videos for the start of school, at the bottom of the page.

  1. Preschool is filled with routines! Begin your own routine with your little one by packing lunch together. How many carrots do you want in your bag?”

  2. Your child will learn many songs in preschool! Practice them at home during clean-up time or other transition times!

  3. With your little one, make up a secret handshake that you can do during preschool drop-off time! This can also help with any separation anxiety your child may have.

  4. With your child, draw a card for his preschool teacher! You can also decorate the card with stickers or nice words about the teacher!

  5. Encourage your child to say or do something nice at preschool today! During pick-up time, ask “What was your act of kindness today?”

  6. Your child’s name will be one of the first words he recognizes! Help your child learn how to recognize and spell her name by writing the letters together.

  7. As you help your little one get dressed, talk about the weather outside! “Is it sunny today or is it rainy? Is it warm outside or cold? What clothes can we wear for the weather?”

  8. Celebrate the things that make your child unique! Create a song with your little one about what makes her special and sing it together.

  9. Cuddle and share a story about your childhood. It’s a great way to bond with your baby.

  10. Turn on your baby’s favorite songs and move your bodies as you dance together!

  11. Talk with your child about the weather each day! What do they see in the sky when it is sunny, cloudy, or rainy?

  12. Talk about colors and clothing. Say, “I noticed you’re wearing a red shirt and blue pants. What colors am I wearing?”

  13. Grow your baby’s vocabulary by using big words like “humongous” or “gigantic” instead of “big.”

  14. Go on a number hunt! Take turns pointing to and naming the numbers you see on signs, in books, or at the store!

  15. As you do laundry, play a game of finding the matching pairs of socks with your baby.

  16. Talk about shapes as you eat healthy and yummy snacks! Compare the shape of a square cracker or a round tomato!

  17. When you read together, let your baby help turn the pages—it can help build their interest in books.

  18. Talk with your baby about his day! Ask them what he did, how he felt, and what he wants to do tomorrow!

  19. At the grocery store, give your baby an apple to hold in each hand. Ask, “Which is heavier? Which is lighter?”

  20. Give your baby age-appropriate art materials like chunky crayons and paper to create art together.

  21. Play “I-Spy” by taking turns naming and describing the things you each see. Say, “I spy with my little eye…a big red truck. You?”

  22. Use your senses to explore the environment around you! What do you see? Hear? Smell?

  23. During bedtime, talk with your baby about your favorite parts of the day. Talk about your job or workers you see out and about! What is the construction worker building? How does a firefighter help people?

  24. Go on a “shape hunt” with your little one. Search for different shapes in your home and around your neighborhood.

  25. When you go on a walk with your baby, count the trees, leaves, cars, or animals that you see.

  26. Practice saying and spelling your child’s name with them! Write it out and trace the letters together, or spell out their name in a song!

  27. Talk about clothing and the weather. “What do we wear when it is cold? Warm?”

  28. Ask questions about your child’s art. You can say, “I noticed you used the color blue. Why?”

  29. Talk about water on a rainy or snowy day! What does water feel like? Taste like? Sound like?


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