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Playtime Activities – Refresh Your List!

By Benay Hicks, Book Harvest

It’s getting warmer (finally), hope is budding for so many, and some activities are safely starting back up. Which means we’re on the precipice of spring — when we all emerge from our winter slumber, rub our eyes, and dive into the busyness of life that accompanies warmer weather. Even in a pandemic, spring brings joy, playfulness, and energy. And when children are involved, it almost always brings a little bit of chaos.

At Book Harvest we know that learning happens everywhere — in grocery store lines, at the dinner table, and during chores. Here are some ways to embrace the boost of spring energy by treating every moment as an opportunity to learn and have fun!

As you navigate the hustle and bustle of the spring season — even though life is still so vastly different than typical years — there is always time for learning, growing, and imagination. Don’t forget that exercising the imagination is good for the adult mind, too!

*These tips were provided by Too Small To Fail.


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