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Parents and caregivers: we’re here for you

Parents and caregivers, we know these days are complicated. In the blink of an eye, you’ve suddenly added “homeschool teacher” — or at least “temporary substitute teacher”! — to your already full plates, juggling work and caregiving in ways no one was prepared for. Online learning resources abound, and the lists are overwhelming. We know you want to make sure your kids keep learning while they’re out of school, and we understand that you need a simple, efficient source of ideas for how to do that.

We’re here to help.

Our resident experts are combing through the wealth of free online resources available to you and your kids and choosing their favorites. Then, they’re drawing from the extensive list we’ve compiled to recommend ONE great resource each weekday for kids ages 0-5 and ONE for kids ages 5-10 to help you get your day started with a great plan. You can find that resource on our website and on Facebook each weekday at 8 a.m.

Wilma is our expert for kids ages 0-5. She’s not only our Early Childhood Services Navigator; she’s also mom to one-year-old Isabel, so she has lots of first-hand experience with resources that work great for the youngest learners. Wilma is also the host of our weekly Book Harvest Live broadcast on Facebook, where she shares her favorite resource each week. Join her every Tuesday at noon, and bring your questions!

Amy is our expert for kids ages 5-10. She’s our Education Partnerships Manager and has many years of experience working with kids during out-of-school time, including after school and summer. But she’s not only an educator; Amy also has 28 years of parenting experience as well as several young nieces and nephews who make sure she stays up to date with what’s new and cool.

Parents and caregivers, we know you’re juggling a lot — BIG high fives to you for all you’re doing to keep your kids learning in the midst of all you’re navigating right now. We’re here for you. Questions or suggestions? Email


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