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New Mom Kits

At Book Harvest, we believe that parents are superheroes. Parents and caregivers are their children’s first and most important brain-builders, teachers, advocates, and nurturers. Simple activities woven into everyday interactions between parent and child – talking, singing, reading – build the foundation that lasts a lifetime.

The parents we get to meet through Book Harvest impress us every day. We see them (you!) sort through book after book on our outdoor bookshelves for the perfect book they just know their child will love. We seem them beam with pride when their little ones talk about their favorite books. We see them carry on conversations with their kids about stories, words, and pictures.

In short, parents are at the core of what Book Harvest does every single day. Through our Book Babies program — which starts when a baby is around 15 weeks old — we get to meet new parents right after their baby is born. Upon a family’s enrollment in Book Babies, they receive a New Mom Kit as a welcome to the program. This gift is unique for each family and is in addition to the books we provide (they get new, developmentally appropriate books regularly throughout the 5-year program…over 100 books by the time they graduate!).

Items in the kit are compiled with the help of various volunteers and donors. They include:

Reusable Bag Blanket Baby hat Pair of baby socks Wet wipes Pack of soap Toothpaste Toothbrush Deodorant Lip Balm Feminine Pad Body/Hand Cream

Being a parent is hard, and Book Harvest is here to help in whatever way we can. To learn more about Book Babies, go here. If you, your organization, or your company want to be involved with the creation of New Mom Kits, please email Benay Hicks at


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