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Make a The Very Hungry Book

By PBS Kids

April 14, 2021

Here is a fun activity for you to do with the little one(s) in your life! It was created and published by PBS Kids.

In The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, the caterpillar eats a lot! And he eats many different things. After reading this book together (or watching it be read) and talking about the caterpillar’s appetite, kids can create their own version of the story and share what foods they eat each day of the week. Here’s how:

1. Print out all the pages of the template. 2. Cut along the dashed line to create the 8 pages of the book and the title page. 3. Show kids the sentence to complete on each page. Young authors can fill in their name in the sentence and become the main character of the story, or name someone or something else, such as a family pet. 4. Have kids finish each sentence with what foods were eaten on that day. Or kids can stretch imaginations and write about a character that eats other things, such as a robot who eats batteries, cables, and data. 5. Encourage kids to draw pictures of themselves and the foods they eat on each page. 6. When all pages are finished, have kids complete the title page and illustrate it. 7. Give kids practice putting the days of the week in order as they assemble their books. 8. Help bind the book by stapling the pages together along the left edge. 9. Hold a publishing party, read the new book aloud, and feast on foods from your child’s book!

You can buy this book in Spanish here and in English here.


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