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Keeping Kids Engaged: Summer Learning Week

By Shayna Patel, Book Harvest Communications Intern

July 15, 2021

Every July, the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) hosts Summer Learning Week, a nationwide celebration of learning aimed to provide families with educational resources and ensure children are prepared to succeed when they return to school. This year, Summer Learning Week (July 12 – July 16) is centered around five main themes: Discover STEM and Soar, Winning at Health and Wellness, Make a Masterpiece, Celebrate Future Leaders, and Dive into a Book Adventure. There will be daily Virtual Splash Events for each theme with multiple guest speakers and a variety of programs and activities for children to engage in. You can check out the resources and event information for each theme here. NSLA is also offering a Family Toolkit in which they provide additional tools, tips, and resources, so families can support their children with summer enrichment. You can access the toolkit here. And this year…our Block Party, a community-wide celebration of 10 years of Book Harvest, falls on the Saturday (June 17) of Summer Learning Week!

Scholastic’s Summer Read-a-Palooza is one of the resources listed under Dive into a Book Adventure, the theme for Friday, July 16th. Book Harvest has partnered with Scholastic in the past by participating in their Summer Reading Road Trip (Readapalooza in 2018) and hosting our very own celebration for the community (Bookapalooza in 2019). When children participate, they will be able to maintain a Reading Streak by logging their reading and will receive access to author events, book-related games, and other exciting virtual experiences!

Amy Franks, Book Harvest’s Learning Partnerships Manager, has provided a list of summer-themed reading suggestions for every age from PreK to upper elementary school that children can use to find their reading book of choice for the Read-a-Palooza.

  1. How to Code a Sandcastle by Josh Funk

  2. Bowwow Powwow by Brenda Child

  3. The Last Last Day of Summer by Lamar Giles

  4. What If a Fish by Anika Fajardo

  5. Silver Meadows Summer by Emma Otheguy

Celebrate National Summer Learning Week and 10 years of Book Harvest by joining us at our Block Party this Saturday!


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