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Impact Report 2020

By Ginger Young, Founder & Executive Director

March 11, 2021

I am excited to share with you Book Harvest’s 2020 Impact Report! It’s been one year since the world as we knew it stopped. One year since parents everywhere bravely shouldered multiple roles — worker, homeschool teacher, caregiver, and more. One year since educators lost their ability to be with their students as they worked to nourish their hearts and minds. And it’s been one year since Book Harvest embraced two goals: Keep Learning Alive and Keep Parents Connected. Never in the ten years since I founded Book Harvest have I felt more inspired by our community. Together, we succeeded in providing children and families with an abundance of books and literacy supports – in the midst of a pandemic. Our 2020 Impact Report is a portrait of how we, together, respond to crisis. It is a story of strength, resilience, and fierce determination. It is a year in which, despite all odds, bonds of trust and collaboration were deepened. Thank you for your friendship and support during this tough, dark year – and for continuing the journey with us as we keep pushing toward brighter horizons for our kids, together. With gratitude and hope, Ginger P.S. – I invite you to watch this short video in which I reflect on the year.

P.P.S. – Below are several of the numbers we are quite proud of, but please read through the entirety of the Impact Report here.


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