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Happy Birthday Hendrix and Maxwell!

February 15, 2024

Since January 2020, Book Harvest has been celebrating the birthday of little Hendrix, a young Durham resident whose photo you've probably seen on plenty of Book Harvest materials (including our office window!). We met Hendrix because his incredible parents, Lindsey and Gary, run a book drive for Book Harvest in celebration of his birthday each year.

Side note: You can read Lindsey's powerful blog post from 2020 about providing Hendrix with books from the moment he was born.

When Hendrix turned one, they collected 165 books for Book Harvest.

When Hendrix turned two, they collected 389 books.

When Hendrix turned three, they collected 913 books!

When Hendrix and new baby Maxwell turned four and one, they collected 1,042 BOOKS!

And in January 2024, to celebrate Hendrix turning five and Maxwell turning two, Lindsay and Gary collected 1171 books!

Big thank you to Lindsey, Gary, Hendrix, and Maxwell for donating 3,680 children's books over the years! We are deeply grateful.


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