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From Research to Practice

October 11, 2022

“I’ve been waiting for you all my life!”

These are the words of Jaylen, a first grader who discovered a much-coveted Diary of a Wimpy Kid book at the newly installed Book Harvest Book Box at Durham Parks and Recreation’s Edison Johnson Center. At Book Harvest, we want every child to discover the books they’ve been waiting for their whole life and have ambitious plans to unlock book access and literacy equity in every community.

On October 26 we will host Books for Every Child & Literacy for Every Community: From Research to Practice. This interactive webinar will address the whyhow, and what’s next regarding the provision of free, culturally-inclusive children’s books to families and our deep commitment to building a community-wide culture of literacy for all!

This important conversation will kick off with a research briefing from Dr. Susan B. Neuman, Professor of Childhood and Literacy Education at New York University, and will include a panel discussion with community leaders Daniela FloresChnita Godwin, and Tiara McCarter about their work to ensure books for every child and literacy for every community. You will also hear from Ginger Young, Book Harvest’s Founder and CEO; Rachel Stine, Director of Book Access; and Tabitha Blackwell, Executive Director of Book Harvest Durham.

We hope you can join us on Wednesday, October 26th, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm ET for this important and exciting conversation!

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