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Every 48 seconds

by Ginger Young

This past Saturday, September 19, was an unforgettable day for the Book Harvest village.

Here’s why: Superheroes and princesses – masked, of course – joined us at our Rapid Response Center to help us share bags of Grab and Go books with visiting families. And, wow, did you all show up!

Every 48 seconds, a car arrived to pick up bags of age-appropriate books for their kids. The joy, the laughter, the delight: it was a day to remember, and to sustain us all through these difficult times.

By the end of the afternoon, 281 cars full of young readers had visited us, taking home a whopping 2,944 books.

We know there 

were a whole lot of bedtime stories being read Saturday night — and every night since then. Thank you, parents, for all you do to keep learning alive with books! We’re here for you when you need more stories. You can find the complete Grab and Go schedule below and here.

Every day, we see the dazzling potential in every child — and we are more committed than ever to ensuring that every child in our midst has ready access to books and literacy support, to unlock that potential.

Thank you to everyone in the Book Harvest village for your partnership and hard work. With every bedtime story read, and every moment of book joy shared, we are giving our kids the language- and literacy-rich world they deserve.

The work continues, and I am grateful that each of you is by our side.

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