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Celebrate Everything: 2021 Book Babies Celebration

By Benay Hicks December 9, 2021

I have a mug that says, “Until further notice, celebrate everything.” A dear friend gave it to me peak-pandemic, and I’ve welcomed its friendly reminder for over a year now. Book Babies, Book Harvest’s home-visiting literacy program, doesn’t need a reminder to celebrate…our Book Babies literacy coaches, parents, and babies celebrate every word learned, page turned, book read, and milestone met. And every winter our Book Babies families are invited to attend the annual Book Babies Celebration!

Because Book Babies is a home visiting program, the participating families don’t often have the chance to see each other; the winter Celebration is one of the cherished moments all of the families come together. Last year the event was virtual, but this year we planned a safe, drive-through/outdoor event. On Saturday, December 4, the 2021 Book Babies Celebration took place outside at The W.G. Pearson Center — families were together and in person for the first time in TWO YEARS. Now that’s a reason to celebrate!!

Over 150 children and family members attended this year’s Celebration. Entertainment included performances by the Venezuelan Dance Group and Mexican dancers, Zoe and Nathan. Plus, fun characters from Paperhand Puppet Intervention delighted kids and adults! And it wouldn’t be a Book Harvest event without an abundance of BOOKS and food.

The Book Babies team had a great time organizing such a fun day, and there were a ton of amazing volunteers who helped, as well. A Book Babies mom, Alma Garcia, even created the decorations!

Enjoy the lovely photos below, and let this be your reminder to try and celebrate everything.

Photos were taken by Double Paw Photography.

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