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Books on Break Wrap Up 2022

June 9, 2022

32 public elementary schools, 3 counties, 14,360 students, and 70,315 books! Those are the numbers that tell the tale of Books on Break 2022, the first in-person return to Book Harvest’s signature program since 2019. On Wednesday, June 8, we wrapped up the thrilling month of book provision and we are filled to the brim with book joy and admiration for North Carolina youth.

What started in 2012 has grown into a movement that now puts brand new, culturally inclusive books into the hands of all Durham Public Schools elementary-aged students, as well as students in Columbus and Bladen Counties.

While the numbers speak for themselves (14,360 students!), below are some words from our students and community members, along with a video recap from the last month.

“Thank you for all the books and the books were interesting. Everything you did for us today was amazing. I wanted to say that all of you are very awesome for doing this…” Durham Public Schools Student
“I am blown away by the books you all provided! Such beautiful, joyful, and important stories!” Durham Public Schools Media Coordinator
“Thank you for being so kind and letting SO many kids get books for free and making time for us. We really appreciate to get free books because if we would have to pay to get books it would have been EXPENSIVE and because you bought all these expensive books we are thanking y’all by giving you a thank you card.” Durham Public Schools Student

“Thank you for giving our students quality books with characters who look like them to share with their parents.” Principal from East Arcadia Elementary School
“My daughter is a Kindergarten teacher at WG Pearson in Durham. Yesterday, each child received 10 books and back pack to carry them. The books were high quality with relevant topics and each child was allowed to pick what they wanted. My daughters students repeatedly showed off their books to her and asked her to read the titles as they leafed through the books. Such a blessing and wonderful gift to these children. Thank you Book Harvest!” Parent of a DPS Teacher
“Thank you for the wonderful donation of books to our school. Our students will enjoy these books so much, especially over the summer months when they are out of school. We appreciate all you are doing to put books in the hands of students that may never have this opportunity. As we both know, reading increases their vocabulary and has a positive impact on young minds. This was such a blessing. Again, thank you so much!” Media Coordinator from Hallsboro-Artesia Elementary School

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