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Books from Birth Starter Home Library

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

May 11, 2023

At Book Harvest, we believe that all children have the right to own books from birth, and that literacy begins in the home with parents. Our pilot program, Books from Birth, equips parents with the tools they need to establish strong language and literacy foundations right from a baby’s earliest days. Through this initiative, we partner with pediatric practices to provide starter home libraries: beautiful boxes containing new high-quality board books, a onesie that declares “I Am a Book Baby,” and resources to be shared with the parents of their newborn patients. Also included in the boxes are magnets containing valuable reading tips that further enhance this incredible journey.

Studies have shown that reading to babies from an early age has numerous benefits including language development, expanded vocabulary, enhanced cognitive abilities, and a deep sense of connection between caregivers and children. By instilling a love for reading early on, parents set their children on a path towards lifelong learning, creativity, and success. Our Books from Birth starter home libraries ensure that children have access to a diverse range of board books specifically designed for their age. With sturdy pages, captivating illustrations, and engaging narratives, these books are the perfect companions for a baby’s exploration.

Through our Books from Birth program, we strive to give every child a strong start in their journey of literacy and learning. By partnering with trusted pediatric practices to provide our Books from Birth starter home libraries, we are empowering families to create regular reading routines and establish a lifelong love for reading from the very beginning of their child’s life.

Tips That Inspire: One unique aspect of our Books from Birth program is the inclusion of reading tips in the form of magnets. The magnet sheets (created using Sticker Mule) contain tips in both English and Spanish. These magnets serve as friendly reminders and inspiration for parents as they embark on their reading journey with their little ones. Simple phrases like “read with your baby every day” and “sing to your baby” are more than just words on a fridge; they are gentle nudges, encouraging parents to create special reading moments and interactive experiences that strengthen their bond with their child.

Thank you to our Books from Birth funders: Stacey and Mark Yusko, Duke University Office of Community Health


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