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Barriskill Book Drive

By Devon Fischer, book drive captain


Hi everyone my name is Devon and I am in seventh grade. I ran a book drive at Barriskill Dance Theatre School this past December for Book Harvest’s Martin Luther King day program. At my dance studio, there are always little kids in the lobby reading books while they are waiting for their siblings to finish dance class. I thought it was great that all these kids had so many books that they enjoyed reading. So when I heard about Book Harvest’s MLK day program I thought about all the kids in my dance studio and realized that they probably had lots of extra books that they had outgrown. I talked to the owner and we decided that having a book drive would be a wonderful way for everyone in the dance studio to help other families in need of books. I put a large box wrapped in holiday wrapping paper in the lobby and I sent an email out to all the families in the studio. Word quickly spread about the book drive and soon after that the box was overflowing with books. There were so many that my mom and I had to bring extra bags in to carry all the books over to Book Harvest. It was a really fun experience to run this book drive and I was so glad to see how generous everyone was. I hope to do it every year!

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