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Audible with Amy: The Watermelon Patch Mystery, Hank the Cowdog

Each Tuesday in May, our Education Partnerships Manager Amy Franks will select one free Audible audiobook and share her review along with a special guest kid listener. (As it turns out, Amy’s cat Fancy is also a fan of audiobooks — so she actually has TWO special guests!) This week’s guest kid listener is Jade, a seven-year-old first grader.

(Do you have a kid listener at home who would like to be an audiobook reviewer in the future? Email Daniele at if so!)

This week’s recommendation:

The Watermelon Patch Mystery, Hank the Cowdog Author: John R. Erikson Narrator: John R. Erikson Length: 1 hour 13 minutes Suggested age: 5-8

Synopsis: When Hank is attacked by a Headless Cowboy, he knows it’s going to be a tough day defending the ranch! But when Slim discovers Sally May’s watermelon patch has been raided by raccoons, things get serious. Slim, Drover, and Hank are entrusted with the job of a nighttime stakeout to catch the raccoons in the act. Will Hank save the day? Or will busted watermelons prove Hank is a bust as the Head of Ranch Security?

Amy says:

Even if you have never read any of the books in the Hank series, you won’t be lost jumping in with this title. Hank the Cowdog, Head of Ranch Security is on a new case. Someone has been stealing (and eating) from Sally May’s watermelon patch, ruining the watermelons she means to sell to buy a new couch. Hank, his sidekick Drover, and a ranch hand named Slim are put on the case. Ready to catch the thief, they hatch a plan and go to work. Along the way, there are twists, turns, tricks, and some hilarious bumps in the road. We get to peek into the mind of a dog, hear a raccoon’s song, and discover if there is a difference between a watermelon and a gourd. This book is a fast, funny, full of adventure listen that the entire family can enjoy!

Jade says:

This book is about a dog that is supposed to be watching a watermelon patch to make sure that the raccoons don’t eat them. I think it’s a good and popular book that is funny, exciting, wonderful, silly, and great. I like the sound because it sounds funny and cowboy-ish. I think all kids would like this book! One thing I learned from the book is that you should never give up and there are different ways to handle emergencies.

Kid listener rating:


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