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An Interview with a Big Dreamer

By Daniele Berman, Community Partnerships Manager

One of our new Reach sponsors and book drive locations for this year’s Dream Big Book Drive on MLK Day was Brier Creek Orthodontics and North Durham Orthodontics. I recently had a chance to ask Dr. Gina Lee, the orthodontist for both practices, about her offices’ involvement.


Dr. Lee’s staff had fun with their book drive!

Q: How did you get connected to Book Harvest and the Dream Big Book Drive on MLK Day?

Dr. Lee: I try to stay active in our local community which my patients and friends love.  A local school PTA parent told me about the Book Harvest so I looked into how my office, staff, and patients could help.   

Q: Why did you decide to become a sponsor of the event?

Dr. Lee: Our entire office really enjoys being part of our local community and giving back with a smile.  When I realized what an impact the Book Harvest has on our community, I knew I wanted to be a part of the success.

Q: How did you organize your book drive?

Dr. Lee: I wanted to help donate as many books as possible and asked my wonderful patients to help.  Our office organized a book drive at both my Brier Creek Orthodontic and North Durham Orthodontic locations.  For every book that was donated to my book drive, I also donated an additional $2.00 per book to the persons school.   Our offices had a total of 681 books that were donated, and I donated $1362 to many local schools!  Isn’t that fantastic?

Q: How was it received by your clients and staff?

Dr. Lee: Our team and patients are the reason our book drive was so successful.  It was such a pleasure to see the smiles on kids faces when they were donating their loved books to help those in need. 

Q: What makes you proud about helping make the Dream Big Book Drive a success?

Dr. Lee: I am an advocate of further education and agree that literacy is so important in our youth.  Being a small businesses owner, I enjoy giving back to the community that also supports me.  After all, that is what communities are for. 

Thank you to Dr. Lee and all your staff and patients for joining our family of big dreamers in 2017!



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