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A Year of Innovation

Dear friends,

In the midst of this challenging time, I am delighted to share some joy: a snapshot of the incredible things we accomplished — together — in 2019!

I am SO proud of us all! 2019 was a year of innovation — and a year in which 229,940 Book Harvest books were harvested by children and families. That means a book found its new forever home every 2.3 minutes. That’s 26 books per hour, or 630 books per day — every day of the year.

Our 2019 tally translates into a whopping 5,518,560 pages turned — that’s a LOT of bedtime stories and cozy reading sessions!  THANK YOU for helping make that possible — with your book donations, with your dollars, with your volunteer energy, with your time spent reading with a child.  Parents, donors, volunteers: y’all are awesome — and I could not be more grateful.

In these troubling times, I invite you to spend a few minutes celebrating with me our year of innovation together. Let me know what you think – or just get in touch to tell me how you and your family are holding up. I really would love to know how you are doing — and how we can help.

Hang in there, friends!

With hope, gratitude, and wishes for continued good health,

Ginger Young, Founder and Executive Director


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