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Ginger Young, founder of Book Harvest

One of the most important things we in the nonprofit world can do is to update our friends and supporters regularly — not just when we need money or volunteers.  To that end, we are kicking off a monthly e-newsletter — and I had scheduled to send the first one out today.  But I’m not going to.  My thoughts are elsewhere — and I’ll bet yours are too.


Many of us has loved ones who were in the path of the massive storm that hammered the entire Eastern Seaboard this week.  Thousands are not yet out of harm’s way, and it will be a very long time before their lives return to normal.

My brother in Connecticut and his family will spend another night tonight without power.  My niece remains stranded in Boston, awaiting return to her lower Manhattan apartment.  Lives have been lost, homes have burned down, and the path ahead is uncertain.

I feel a tremendous pang as I think of the thousands of children who missed out on their beloved trick or treating last night — and of how they aren’t able to enjoy a bedtime story, a routine cloaked in comfort and reassurance, as their families struggle to cope with power outages and flooding.  

So . . . for now, I have put aside the draft newsletter I have been working on.  You’ll get it once things have returned to normal, at least a bit.  

Meanwhile, if you are searching for ways to help, I highly recommend clicking here to visit a Charity Navigator page which provides links to 17 highly-rated relief organizations.

Be well and be safe.  Here at home, there is much exciting news to report from Book Harvest, and you’ll hear it soon!


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