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Welcome, Charlia!

By Daniele Berman, Operations Manager

If you’ve stopped by our office lately, you have hopefully met our newest team member. Charlia (pronounced char-la) Vance is our new full time executive assistant, and we are thrilled to welcome her to our Book Harvest family! If you haven’t met her yet, please stop in and introduce yourself!

Charlia comes to us after working as the shop manager at the NC Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill for a little over a year, and she is excited to be jumping into our ever-growing team. She first heard about Book Harvest when she was eating at the Thai Cafe, and as she learned about our mission, she knew our organization would be a great fit for her. “Going to the library is great,” she explained, ” but there’s nothing like having your own books.”

Charlia comes from a family of readers and grew up surrounded by books. Her mother in particular was an avid reader, and Charlia remembers her even picking up a book to read while waiting at stoplights! In addition to her passion for our mission, Charlia brings a wealth of financial and organizational experience to Book Harvest with her, and she is excited to help ensure that things run smoothly on those fronts in order to further our work together as an organization. With a degree in child development and education from Berea College, she is also well-versed in all the reasons we do what we do.

Charlia’s first week was an exciting one: she joined us just two days before our Dream Big Book Drive, and “what a great time to start!” she says. She was amazed at the community support for the event and all the volunteers that came out to help. Now that things have settled down, Charlia is looking forward to meeting all of you who make our work here at Book Harvest possible. Come visit!

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