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We are ready to help our fellow North Carolinians.

Here at Book Harvest, we are thinking of all our fellow North Carolinians in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. While we were spared the worst of it at our office in Central North Carolina, we know so many of our neighbors throughout the state were not.

Our hearts are heavy for all of those who are dealing with the devastation from the storm, and we are eager to help.

  1. Was your home damaged, or are you staying in a shelter with your family? If you need books to replace what you’ve lost or to help make your shelter stay more bearable, we will do our best to send books to you. If you know of a family or shelter in need, please let us know.

  1. Was your school damaged, or did your library or classrooms lose books? Although Book Harvest’s focus is on book ownership for kids, our friends at First Book have resources to help educators fill classroom shelves with brand new, high-quality books. Simply fill out this form.

  1. Did your community center, health clinic, social service agency, or other organization lose children’s books due to flooding or other storm damage? Let us know, and we will provide books to restock shelves in your waiting rooms that kids can select from to take home and keep.

We know firsthand what a comfort a good story can be during a traumatic time. Please reach out and let us know how we can help you and your community by contacting Program Director Rachel Stine directly: And please share this message with others who may need books for their kids.

Stay safe. We are thinking of you.

With hope, Ginger, Daniele, Rachel, Meytal, Amy, Kenitra, Victoria, Nadiah, Charlia, Isabel, Paula, and Erin



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