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Thanks to a Fantastic Boss

By Alisa Burton, Intern, Summer 2014

My experience at Book Harvest has been wonderful! I learned about Book Harvest from my academic advisor at NCCU. He said he knew about a program where I could earn community service hours, help underprivileged children and be a part of a great organization. I applied for the internship, met with Ginger Young and started once the spring semester was over. I had a slight idea of what the program would involve, but once I got started I knew I had chosen the right internship!

Ginger, the interns, and volunteers have made this summer fun and meaningful! Seeing everyone walk into the office with smiles and enthusiasm has made the environment pleasant. The very first day I walked into Book Harvest I felt welcomed and just as enthused as the others. I’m glad I had the opportunity to help Ginger with whatever she needed; she is always appreciative of everything that is being done to help the organization. Ginger’s heart is amazing. She is diligent, benevolent, and warmhearted. She makes you feel equal and important and I could not have asked for a better boss. Working with the other interns has been a blast! Brayton, Hannah and Kirsten have been fun to work with. We shared stories, laughed, ate, and helped a great organization we couldn’t be more proud of.

One of my jobs was to be in charge of the book sort on Tuesdays, which was organized chaos and great at the same time. I enjoyed seeing the regular volunteers come back each week smiling and making an effort to sort as many books as possible.  Volunteering at Glenn Elementary for Books on Break had a major impact on me. It was saddening to see the children unable to read at their recommended level, but exhilarating to see them excited to pick out books to take home. The kids were sweet and some brought back cards made in their classroom to thank us for the books. It was such a joy to be a part of an organization that gives to so many disadvantaged children. Book Harvest does not judge, demean, or discriminate against anyone that walks through the door or those who need help. This organization is solely for those with gentle caring hearts and Book Harvest has shown me that when you care for others the possibilities are unlimited! Thank you, Ginger Young.


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