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Students Sharing Stories with Seniors

By Benay Hicks, Resource Development Director, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Durham

Editor’s note: The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Durham is one of our newest Community Book Bank partners.


The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Durham and The Forest at Duke recently partnered to bring together two generations through reading. Having selected their favorite books donated by Book Harvest, fourth and fifth grade children read aloud to The Forest’s book club, many of whom were former educators. Soon after they started to read, discussions about books, school, life, and dreams could be heard throughout the small library. Stories were told, laughs were had, and groans of disappointment were heard when it was announced that it was time to leave. In just a short amount of time, reading had brought together two very different groups of people. By providing books, Book Harvest was able to create a foundation for a positive interaction between some of Durham’s youngest residents and its oldest.

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