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Spectacular Magazine: “Book Harvest’s Book Babies Graduation serves up hope for our futu

If you were looking for a giant serving of hope for our future with a side of pride in our community, along with a generous helping of adorableness, Book Babies graduation at Durham’s W.G. Pearson Center was the place to be on Saturday, June 8!

“My son, Adan, who is five years old now, has been participating in Book Babies since he was two weeks old,” explained Abigail, a Book Babies mom and graduation ceremony speaker. “I still remember the first book they brought him; it was black and white with mirrors without words. I remember when I was doing tummy time with Adan and I showed him the book he was so interested in the book!”

On June 8th, Adan and 28 other five-year-olds crossed the stage and collected their diplomas in celebration of their families’ five years of participation in Book Harvest’s Book Babies program and marking their readiness for kindergarten this coming fall. Since their birth, each of the graduates and their parents have received home visits from a Book Babies staff member two to three times each year, along with ten brand new books at each visit. Read more>>



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