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Season’s Readings

By Daniele Berman, Community Partnerships Manager

What a great honor we have in our work at Book Harvest, to put such important tools–books!–into the small hands of those who have the power to move the wheels of the world. THANK YOU to all of you who are part of our great big Book Harvest family for so very generously sharing your time, talents, and treasures with our youngest and brightest world-changers. As I work on measuring our impact in 2017–how many books? how many volunteer hours? how many happy readers? (stay tuned for the incredible totals, coming soon!)–I am overcome with gratitude for the ways that our community so eagerly supports our future world-changers in pursuit of their literacy goals as well as their very favorite bedtime story.

Wherever this holiday season finds you, I hope you have time to pause to enjoy a good story or two. Happy celebrations and season’s readings, Book Harvest family!


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