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#ReadAcrossAmerica Day!

How did you celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday? Oh, the places we went at Book Harvest…

We spent most of our day with one of our newest Community Book Bank partners: the Durham County Department of Social Services. Children and families selected a whopping 1,257 books throughout the day, including lots of Dr. Seuss titles! We now have six bookshelves set up in waiting rooms and visitation rooms so that children can continue building their home libraries every time they visit DSS.

We finished our day with visits to three afterschool programs in Durham Housing Authority communities, where we read Dr. Seuss books and the kids picked out lots of books to take home and keep forever. After a week’s worth of Cat in the Hat fun at their schools, the kids were thrilled to have copies of their own Dr. Seuss books to add to their home libraries!

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