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My Favorite Book

By Abe Dunderdale, Durham Academy student and Book Harvest volunteer

My favorite book is Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. In it, we follow Ender Wiggin, a diagnosed

genius, in his adventures through the International Fleet’s Battle School, a school for children with the intention of finding the best and the brightest military commanders in the world. Ender’s journey from the smallest kid in his elementary school to the most revered military commander of all time is filled with twists and turns, moves and countermoves, that captivate the reader in awe and disbelief. Ender’s Game not only entertains, but it changes the way we view the world and think about leadership.

I first read Ender’s Game when I was 11 years old and was immediately hooked not only by its fast paced and action packed plot but by Ender himself. Ender exemplifies what every young 11 year old boy aspires to. He is extremely intelligent, completely focused, and astoundingly clever. He navigates the challenges placed before him like the Battle Room or controlling his own army with impeccable calm, and lightning quick reactions that not only endear him to the reader, but make us marvel at his self-confidence.

As an 11 year old I envied Ender’s calm, cool confidence that allowed him to conquer impossible difficulties in stride. His ability to lead not only by example but also through calculated motivation shaped my own development as leader. Ender’s ability to think but also act decisively has become crucial to my character as I have gotten older. Card’s masterpiece of a character has influenced other such protagonists such as Katniss from The Hunger Games and Darrow from Red Rising but for me these knockoffs, which are genius in their own way, will never be the same as the original. Ender’s Game has inspired and changed who I am today, and that is why it is my favorite book.


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